Chairman Gonzalo has physically departed and there are those who intend to fish in a troubled river, trying to separate our leadership from Comrade Míriam, member of the Permanent Historical Committee, to isolate him from the Central Committee elected in the 1st Congress of the PCP, to separate him from the new batch of combative youth and masses, who, against all odds, have defended his political struggle and have demanded his freedom.

From their placid hole in a corner of the world, some dudes have shamelessly started to use the seal of the PCP, instead of the name they used, “mpp”, to sign some of their papers, full of bravado and hollow words without rhyme or reason. Trading on Chairman Gonzalo’s death, they pretend to idolise him as a saint in blessed stamp, to deny Gonzalo Thought, the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the Peruvian and world reality in more than 60 years of indefatigable communist struggle. And they denigrate his wife, Comrade Míriam, to cover up their opposition to Chairman Gonzalo, as the right wing did in China, attacking Chiang Ching to hit Chairman Mao.

Having frozen the President in 1992, they deny all his further development and his communist struggle to the end; they spit at the sky and the spit falls on their own face. When they split in the 90’s and were gutted and crushed by Chairman Gonzalo and the left of the Party, our leadership qualified them as the dwarf of the hostelry of the novel Don Quijote, or as insignificant chajuallas that only know how to make a lot noise. Not one of them was left in Perú, not even for a sample. Their main head, Feliciano, became a felon who completely went to the counter-revolution camp, and his “teacher” José denied the Party and even agreed to Chairman Gonzalo’s annihilation.

Where have they been and where are those who fill their mouths with insults and empty their brains of ideas? We the political prisoners of yesterday and today, communists and Peruvian revolutionaries of always, we are here in an organised way facing the McCarthyst and inquisitorial campaign of the Peruvian reaction; here, fighting where potatoes burn, not in a virtual cloud, boasting of fantasies out of reality. Chairman Gonzalo unmasked them, returning to Marx: they have replaced class struggle by the fantastic movement of their heads.

Now they speculate again to benefit from the prestige of PCP. As early as in 1993 Chairman Gonzalo had accused them of being the Ali Baba who intended to steal the Party’s treasure using the sesame of his detention. But they could never do it; and fewer can do it now, as PCP is developing and the President, even dead, even with his own body, keeps winning battles, unmasking the rottenness and general crisis of Peruvian State, and uniting the revolutionaries of the world.

The only PCP is the one created in 1928 by Mariátegui, reconstituted by Chairman Gonzalo, who led Perú’s heroic people’s war until 1992 and then led the political struggle for its second reconstitution, defending the Party and the people’s war based on socialist revolution and our bright goal, communism. Chairman Gonzalo, hoisting and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, has carried out the second, third and fourth stage of the Party and has pointed out to us the course to follow. We, Peruvian communists and revolutionaries, learning from his and embodying his thought, march united, facing persecution, jail and death, serving the people wholeheartedly.

Our targets are Peruvian State and imperialist system, but if we are attacked from other sides, we will respond promptly in defense of our leadership, in defense of our Party, its direction, Comrade Míriam, and in defense of our revolution.

Perú, September 27, 2021

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