Filipinas: ILPS y NDF saludan por el 30 Aniversario del Día de la Heroicidad

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Chief International Representative
June 10-19, 2016

Asociacion de Familiares de Presos Politicos
Desaparecidos y Victimas de Genocidio (AFADEVIG)

Esteemed Comrade Miguel Angel Canales Sermeno,
Esteemed Comrades of the Asociacion de Familiares de Presos Politicos
Desaparecidos y Victimas de Genocidio,

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) conveys its warmest greetings of solidarity to you all as you commemorate the heroism of your 300 beloved martyrs! Together with you, we are most deeply inspired by their tremendous sacrifice for the Peruvian people in fighting the exploiters and oppressors, the landlords and capitalists subservient to U.S. imperialism.

We join you in condemning in the strongest terms this horrific genocide against your beloved comrades and martyrs by the reactonary government in 1986.

We can understand and feel the tears, the anguish and pain you have suffered through the many years, searching for the bodies of your martyrs in the valleys, in the forests, in the Andes.

We admire your courage and perseverance in honoring their memory, drawing inspiration from their supreme sacrifice, and most importantly, strenthening your commitment and resolve to persevere in fighting for the great cause of freedom and liberation they gave their precious lives for.

We extend our warmest congratulations to you as you hold this great commemoration of your 300 beloved martyrs with written testimonies and films about the family members, and closing on June 19 with the main event: the inauguration of the mausoleum, a beautiful one, a sacred place which you will water with your tears, where you will sing songs in their honor, a place where the magnificent heroism of your beloved martyrs will be a source of undying inspiration for you and the entire Peruvian people.

The Filipino people who fight and struggle against US imperialism and the domestic exploiters and oppressors for more than 47 years stand with you in solidarity. We too have lost many martrys and heroes, disappeared, tortured and killed in our struggle for national and social liberation. We wish you a most successful and inspiring 30th year commemoration of the heroism of your 300 beloved martyrs.

Long live the revolutionary spirit and legacy of the 300 maryrs and heroes of the Peruvian people!
Condemn the genocide perpetrated by the exploiters and oppressors, the landlords and capitalists subservient to US imperialism!
Long live the AFADEVIG, Asociacion de Familiares de Presos Politicos Deapareacidos y Victimas De Genocidio!

Long live the Peruvian people!

Chief International Representative
Member, National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Solidarity Message

6 June 2016

To the Association of Relatives of Political Prisoners, of Missing People and Victims of Genocide of Peru:
Warmest greetings of solidarity!

The Philippines Chapter of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) conveys its unity with the people of Peru in commemorating the June 19, 1986 mass murder of political prisoners in El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao. This genocide of 30 years ago continues to beat in our hearts.

What happened in Peru also happened in the Philippines. It continues to this day.

We are one with the survivors and relatives of the victims of state repression in your country as you tell the world this June 10-19 of the heroism of your compatriots. The testimonies, artistic presentations and inauguration of a mausoleum are a fitting tribute to honor them.

Their memory lives on as we remain steadfast in the struggle for freedom and democracy. Only by the defeat of U.S. imperialism and local reaction can we give full justice to the victims and the exploited and oppressed masses.

Together, we shall fight. Together, we shall triumph.

Justice to the victims of state repression!

Down with U.S. imperialism and reaction!

Long live the heroic struggle for freedom and democracy!

Long live international solidarity!

ILPS Commission 3 Solidarity Statement on Peru’s Day of Heroism from the Shining Trenches of Combat (Luminosas Trincheras de Combate)

June 19, 1980 marks the day when political prisoners of El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao in Peru launched a protest in their detention cells against the repressive prison conditions and the denial of their liberty. The Peruvian State once more displayed its murderous character to quell the unrest, as it did with the people’s war being waged by the Peruvian people where genocide was applied with impunity. Nearly 300 prisoners were killed. Worse, they denied the prisoners’ families the right to bury them, taking the bodies to different locations in the country. It took 30 years of struggle before the bodies of eight of the 300 political prisoners were returned to their families. The rest are still held at the National Ministry of Prosecution.

We salute the courage and heroism of the nearly 300 political prisoners massacred. We condemn the atrocity committed against them and echo the call for justice of their families and the Peruvian people. We condemn the State policy of assassination of prisoners of war, disappearances, genocide and mass graves to defeat the people’s war. Their courage and fortitude, together with the Peruvian revolutionaries, however, is not lost in vain as their legacy of struggle continues to inspire the world to transform the prevailing exploitative and oppressive system and engender a society where an individual’s inhumanity to another individual will no longer exist.

The Commission 3 (Defense of Human Rights at the Collective and Individual Levels in the Civil, Economic, Social and Cultural Fields) of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle is in solidarity with the Peruvian people this Day of Heroism from the Shining Trenches of Combat (Luminosas Trincheras de Combate) as we unite with their campaign to denounce atrocities and pay homage to the “revolutionary struggle for peoples’ sovereignty and rights, against all exploitative reactionary states and imperialist war”.



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